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Thailand tour package

Ultimate Guide: 4 Best Thailand Tour Packages & Visa Process from Bangladesh

Thailand Tour Packages And Visa Process From Bangladesh РOffering a wide range of attractions. Thailand, a trendy place for people from Bangladesh to visit, provides an excellent tour package and an efficient visa process.

Thailand has lovely beaches, rich culture, tasty food, and friendly locals. And it offers diverse activities: serene islands, historic temples, bustling markets & vibrant nightlife.

Yet, before visiting Thailand, obtaining a visa is necessary. Bangladeshi citizens need a tourist visa to stay in Thailand for 60 days.

In this article, we will help you to understand the Thailand visa processing & tour packages from Bangladesh.

Thailand tour package

Here Are The Top 4 Best Thailand Tour Package From Bangladesh:

Many different tour packages for Thailand are designed for different interests & preferences. Here are some popular tour packages for Bangladeshi People.


This package includes visits to two famous cities in Thailand. In Bangkok, you can see tall buildings, temples, palaces, museums, and shopping centers. In Pattaya, you can have fun on the beaches, try water sports, enjoy the nightlife  and watch shows.


This special tour package combines two amazing places: Bangkok and Krabi. First, you can explore Bangkok, a large city offering many thrilling attractions and activities. 

You can visit the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and other famous places. You can enjoy shopping, tasting street food, and exploring the city during the night. 

After that, you can fly to Krabi, a beautiful place with beaches and nature. You can relax on beaches like Ao Nang, Railay, or Phi Phi Islands. If you like adventures, you can also tour Krabi’s tall cliffs, caves, and waterfalls.¬†

If you like Bangkok and Krabi, be sure to see iqraholidays’ package. Price: ŗß≥35,500 per person. Duration: 6 days, 5 nights. Group Size: 2-10 people. Destination: Bangkok – Krabi. This package is one of the hot favorite Thailand tour packages from Bangladesh.


This tour package is a little different from the first one. You start your trip in Phuket, a big and famous island in Thailand. It has many beaches like Patong, Karon, Kata, and Kamala, where you can enjoy the sun and sand. 

You can also take a boat tour to visit other islands in Phang Nga Bay, such as James Bond Island or Koh Panyee. After enjoying Phuket, you can fly to Bangkok. Bangkok is a busy city with many fascinating sights and activities to enjoy. 

And you can learn about the culture and history, and have fun with the entertainment in the city. Explore Phuket and Bangkok with iqraholidays‘ offer!¬†

It’s priced at ŗß≥39,650 per person for 7 days and 6 nights. Suitable for 2-10 people. Discover Phuket and Bangkok! This Thailand holiday package is the best one for Thailand tour packages from Bangladesh.


This package allows you to explore two beautiful islands in Thailand.  You can have fun and be calm on the soft beaches. 

You can also swim in the beautiful blue water and see many colorful fish and coral reefs if you go snorkeling or diving. 

In Phuket and Krabi, you can find lots of natural beauty to explore. You can also visit nearby attractions like Phi Phi Island, James Bond Island, Maya Bay, and Emerald Pool.

Now, we must know about the following;

Thailand Visa Process Form Bangladesh:

Thailand tour package

Thailand Tourist Visa “TR” – This visa, known as the Thailand visa processing, is specifically designed for people who want to visit Thailand as tourists.

Requirements for Thailand Tourist Visa:

  • Fill out an application form & sign it.
  • Have a valid passport for traveling to Thailand. It should be valid for at least six more months.
  • Your passport must have at least two blank pages for the visa sticker and immigration stamps.
  • Provide copies of the first applicant’s documents. Including a Sponsorship Letter, Bank Statement, Bank Solvency Certificate, Marriage Certificate, and/or Proof of Relationship Certificate.
  • You need to have an active phone number.
  • Provide two recent passport-sized photos (3.5 x 4.5cm) with a white background. They should be taken within the last six months.
  • Show evidence that you have enough money for your stay, like a bank statement for the past six months with satisfactory transactions.¬†
  • The required amount is at least 20,000 Baht per person & 40,000 Baht per family OR 60,000 Taka per person & 120,000 Taka per family. You can only use original bank statements & bank solvency letters.
  • If your company sponsors you, you must submit the company’s bank statement, bank solvency letter, and a trade license. The Thai Embassy may also ask for your personal bank statement.
  • Provide a copy of your round-trip air ticket or booking confirmation. Write a letter to request a visa and get a recommendation letter from your employer.¬†
  • If you are a doctor, include a BMDC certificate or a letter from the hospital. If you are a lawyer, provide a Bar Council certificate or a letter from a law firm.¬†
  • If you are a student and want a Thailand tour package, please include a letter from your school or university that says good things about you. You can give us your student card or proof that you are enrolled in school.
  • If you are applying with your family, you must show you are related. Please provide a copy of your Marriage Certificate. If the certificate is in Bengali, you should include the original English translation certified by a notary. And along with a photocopy of the original certificate.¬†
  • If you own a business by yourself, you should include the original English translation of your trade license that has been certified by a notary. If your name is not mentioned in the trade license, you can include a Memorandum of Article for a limited company.
  • Minors (under 18) must provide their parents with a consent letter. Parents must provide birth certificates if their names aren’t on foreign passports.

Thailand tour package

Important Note:

  • Provide short descriptions in English for all Thai documents, such as the Business License of Company A.
  • Translate foreign language documents (including Bangla) into English using a trustworthy translator. Have them notarized.

How Much Does A Thailand Tourist Visa Cost If You Are From Bangladesh?

Foreign Passport

  • Transit Visa BDT 3000 (for one time) BDT 5500 (for two times) Up to 3 months or 6 months
  • Tourist Visa BDT 3500 (for one time) BDT 17000 (for multiple times) Up to 3 months or 6 months
  • Non-Immigrant Visa (for one time) BDT 6000 Up to 3 months
  • Non-Immigrant Visa (for many times) BDT 17000 Up to 1 year

How long does it take to get a visa for Thailand from Bangladesh?

Processing Time: In Dhaka, for the Thailand tour package, it takes at least 7 working days, including the day you submit your application. In Chittagong, for the Thailand tour package, it takes at least 8 working days, including the day you submit your application.


How can I get a Thailand visa from Bangladesh?

You can apply online or visit the Thailand Visa Application Center in Dhaka, Sylhet, or Chittagong².

How long does it take to get a Thailand visa processing in Dhaka?

It takes about 5 working days to get a Thailand visa in Dhaka².

How long does Thailand visa processing take?

Thai visa processing takes about 3 to 15 working days¬Ļ.

How much bank balance is required for a Thailand visa processing?

You need a minimum balance of 20,000 BHT per person¬Ļ for a tourist visa.

How much does a Thailand visa cost from Bangladesh?

The cost of a Thailand visa from Bangladesh varies depending on the type and duration of stay².

Is it difficult to get a Thailand visa?

It is not difficult to get a Thailand visa if you meet the criteria and follow the procedures¬Ļ¬≤.

How much does a Thai visa cost?

The cost of a Thai visa varies based on the type and duration of stay¬Ļ.

Is getting a Thailand visa easy?

Getting a Thailand visa is easy if you meet the criteria and follow the procedures¬Ļ¬≤.

Can I get a Thailand visa online?

If eligible for certain countries, you can get a Thailand visa online through e-visa or e-VOA.

How can I plan a 7-day Thailand tour package from Bangladesh?

Day 1: Start your trip to Phuket. You’ll arrive at Phuket International Airport.

Day 2: Have fun exploring Phi Phi Island.

Day 3: Discover the exciting places in Phuket.

Day 4: Travel from Phuket to Pattaya.

Day 5: Take a tour and enjoy the beauty of Coral Island.

Day 6: Go from Pattaya to Bangkok.

Day 7: It’s time to go home. Leave from Bangkok.

thailand visa processing

Final Words:

Finally, we can say Thailand offers many attractions for Bangladeshi travelers. To visit, they need a tourist visa. Visa requirements include documents like a passport, bank statements, sponsorship letters (if applicable), and travel proof. 

And Thailand Tour packages like Bangkok-Pattaya, Bangkok-Krabi, Phuket-Bangkok, and Phuket-Krabi offer unique experiences. Also, Thailand tourist visa cost varies based on the type and stay duration. 

Follow application procedures and eligibility criteria for a smooth process. Explore Thailand’s beauty and culture with recommended tour packages for a fantastic trip.¬†

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