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Iqra Holidays

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৳61,979 / per person
৳32,898 / per person
৳37,691 / per person
৳47,419 / per person
৳7,102 / per person
৳4,514 / per person

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Iqra Holidays is a full-service outbound and inbound air ticket and travel agency in Bangladesh.

Air Ticketing

We provide all kinds of Domestic and International air ticket.

Visa Processing

Iqra Holidays is the best professional visa processing agent in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Tour Packages

Our experience will allow you to customize package accordingly to your need.

Hotel Booking

Iqra Holidays is Your 360 hotel booking provider.

Bus Ticketing

Iqra Holidays is Your 360 bus booking provider.

Train Ticketing

Iqra Holidays is Your 360 train booking provider.
Our Speciality ..

Expert Travel & Ticketing Services

Tailored travel options for your needs.

Tailored travel options to suit diverse preferences and requirements for a truly personalized experience.

Affordable travel package pricing

Affordable travel packages without compromising quality, comfort or convenience for exceptional value.

Experienced staff, excellent assistance.

Expert and personable staff providing exceptional assistance for a seamless travel experience.

Trusted, efficient travel agency in Bangladesh.

Trusted and efficient travel agency in Bangladesh with a proven track record of exceptional service.
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