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Malaysia Visa for Bangladeshi

Malaysia Visa for Bangladeshi: Requirements & Application Process

Thinking of going to Malaysia? Maybe for tourism, business, or study? You’ll need a Malaysia Visa for Bangladeshi for that. Malaysia’s got it all – diverse culture, stunning views, yummy food, and loads to see. But before you go crazy with packing, gotta get the lowdown on visas for Bangladeshis. This article’s got you covered – visa types, who’s eligible, how to apply, fees, tricks, and more. Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is a Malaysia visa and why do you need one?

A Malaysia visa lets you enter and stay in Malaysia for a set time and reason. It depends on where you’re from if you need one or not. As a Bangladeshi, you must get a Malaysia visa before going there, unless you can enter without one or get it when you arrive.

Malaysia Visa for Bangladeshi

What Are The Types Of Malaysia Visa For Bangladeshi Available For Bangladeshi Citizens?

There are different types of visas for Bangladeshi citizens visiting Malaysia. Here they are:

  • Tourist visa: For tourism. Lasts 3 months. Stay for 30 days.
  • Business visa: For business. Lasts 3 months. Stay for 30 days.
  • Transit visa: For transiting. Lasts 3 months. Stay for 5 days.
  • Student visa: For studying. Lasts 12 months. Stay depends on course duration.
  • Employment visa: For working. Lasts 12 months. Stay depends on contract.
  • Dependent visa: For accompanying spouse or parent. Lasts 12 months. Stay depends on sponsor’s visa.

How to apply for a Malaysia visa online or offline?

To apply for a Malaysia visa from Bangladesh, you got two routes: online or offline.

Online: Go to the Malaysian Immigration Department’s website, www.windowmalaysia.my. It’s quick and easy. Just fill in forms, upload docs, pay, and wait for approval via email. Then print out the approval letter for entry.

Offline: Hit up the Malaysian High Commission in Dhaka or an authorized agent. It’s a bit slower and pricier, but it works for all visa types. Fill forms, attach docs, pay, and wait 7 to 14 days for the visa on your passport. Show it at the Malaysian checkpoint when you arrive.

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What are the eligibility criteria for a Malaysia visa?

To qualify for a Malaysia visa, you need:

  • A valid Bangladeshi passport with 6 months validity and 2 blank pages.
  • A confirmed round-trip flight ticket to Malaysia.
  • A confirmed hotel booking or invitation letter from a Malaysian host.
  • Adequate funds to cover your expenses.
  • A valid reason for visiting Malaysia.
  • Good health, character, and no criminal or immigration issues.

What are the specific requirements for different types of Malaysia visas?

For Malaysia visas, you need different documents:

  • Tourist visa: travel plan, bank statement, work letter.
  • Business visa: invitation letter, intro letter, business certificates.
  • Transit visa: valid visa, onward ticket.
  • Student visa: acceptance letter, tuition payment proof, health report.
  • Employment visa: job offer, employment contract, work permit.
  • Dependent visa: marriage/birth certificate, sponsor relationship proof, sponsor’s docs.

Malaysia Visa for Bangladeshi

How To Fill Out The Malaysia Visa For Bangladeshi Application Form?

The Malaysia visa form is straightforward. It asks for personal, travel, and contact details. You can fill it out online or offline. Tips for filling it correctly:

  • Use black or blue ink if filling by hand.
  • Write clearly.
  • Use capital letters.
  • Fill it out completely.
  • Provide accurate information.
  • Sign and date at the bottom.
  • Attach a recent passport-sized photo on the top right corner.

How to pay the Malaysia visa fee and what are the modes of payment?

The Malaysia visa fee changes based on the type and duration of your visa and how you apply. Here’s a breakdown for Bangladeshi citizens:

  • Tourist visa: Approximately Online – USD 20, Offline – BDT 2,500
  • Business visa: Approximately Online – USD 20, Offline – BDT 2,500
  • Transit visa: Approximately Online – USD 5, Offline – BDT 600
  • Student visa: Approximately Online – USD 30, Offline – BDT 4,000
  • Employment visa: Approximately Online – USD 50, Offline – BDT 6,500
  • Dependent visa: Approximately Online – USD 30, Offline – BDT 4,000

How to submit the Malaysia visa application and what are the supporting documents?

Once you fill the form and pay, submit your Malaysia visa application with all documents proving why you’re visiting, like passport, flight ticket, hotel reservation, bank statement, invitation letter. 

Document requirements vary by visa type and application method. Check the official Malaysian Immigration Department website or Malaysian High Commission in Dhaka for updates.

For online applications, complete the process, get email confirmation, and visa approval within 48 hours. Print the approval letter to show at Malaysian immigration. No need to send documents to authorities.

For offline, send passport and documents to Malaysian High Commission in Dhaka or visa agent. Apply in person or by mail. Receive visa within 7-14 working days. Show passport with visa at Malaysian immigration.

Malaysia Visa for Bangladeshi

Does Bangladesh need visa to Malaysia?

Yes, people from Bangladesh need a visa for Malaysia. There are various types based on why and how long you’re going. The usual one is a single-entry tourist visa, good for 30 days, and you can apply online. It takes 2-10 days and needs your passport, email, credit card, and two photos. Or you can try getting one when you arrive, but it’s not guaranteed. Depends on the immigration officer.

Can I apply for Malaysia visa myself?

Sure, you can apply for a Malaysia visa online by filling out a form on the Bangladesh Machine Readable Visa (MRV) website. Submit the form and necessary documents to the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. Pay the visa fee with a valid credit card. Processing takes 2-10 days. Visit the websites of the Bangladesh High Commission and the Malaysia High Commission for more info on requirements, types, and fees.


How can I check my Malaysia visa online for Bangladeshi?

To check your Malaysia visa online as a Bangladeshi:

  • Go to the Immigration Department of Malaysia website.
  • Enter your passport and sticker numbers.
  • Choose eVisa or eNTRI.
  • Input the captcha.
  • Tick the box if you got your Malaysia eVisa.
  • Click ‘check’ to see your visa status.

Can I go to Malaysia without visa?

Nope, can’t go Malaysia without visa if you’re from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi folks need visa for Malaysia, stay max 30 days. Diplomatic passport holders exempt based on agreement. Need visa for long stay, studying, working. Apply online or through agencies. Check official websites for more info.

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