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Dhaka to Nepal Air Ticket Price

Dhaka to Nepal Air Ticket Price: Deals & Tips | Book Now!

Planning a trip to Nepal from Dhaka? Wondering about the best Dhaka to Nepal air ticket price? Nepal’s got it all: culture, scenery, attractions. 

Explore the Himalayas, visit ancient temples, enjoy vibrant nightlife. But, Dhaka to Nepal flights can cost a pretty penny if you’re not savvy. 

Factors like season, demand, flight duration, stopovers, airline quality, and more affect prices. Here, we’ll break down these factors and share tips to save on your Dhaka to Nepal air ticket price. Let’s dive in!

Dhaka to Nepal Air Ticket Price

Why visit Nepal from Dhaka?

Nepal’s a hit with Dhaka travelers. Why? Here’s why:

  • It’s super close, just a 1.5-hour flight. So, you save time and cash.
  • It’s a wallet-friendly spot with cheap living, eats, and transport. Stay comfy without going broke.
  • Nepal’s got it all – different landscapes, weather, cultures, and things to do. Take your pick from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Everest, Annapurna, and more.
  • The locals are awesome – friendly and welcoming. Plus, many speak English and Hindi. Dive into their history, religion, and customs.
  • No worries about safety here. Nepal’s chill with a stable political scene. Travel without stress; it’s all good.

How To Find The Best Dhaka To Nepal Air Ticket Price?

Getting the best airfare from Dhaka to Nepal isn’t easy. You’ve got to juggle lots of factors and compare options before booking. But fear not, here’s a simple guide to help:

Step 1: Decide when and how long you’ll travel. This narrows down choices and cuts unnecessary costs.

Step 2: Research airlines and platforms offering Dhaka to Nepal flights. Use Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia, and more for deals.

Step 3: Compare factors affecting ticket prices: seasonality, demand, flight duration, stopovers, airline quality, etc. Filters help narrow options.

Step 4: Book ASAP; prices rise closer to departure. Save money with tips we’ll discuss next.

Factors that affect the air ticket price from Dhaka to Nepal

Numerous factors impact Dhaka to Nepal air ticket price, including time, date, and travel circumstances. Here are key factors to consider:

  1. Seasonality: Changes in demand and supply due to weather, holidays, and events affect prices. There are peak and off-seasons.


  1. Peak Season: High demand during winter (October to March) leads to higher prices. Major festivals like Dashain and Tihar attract tourists.


  1. Off-season: Low demand during summer (April to September) results in lower prices. Monsoon rains discourage tourism.


  1. Demand and Supply: The number of travelers versus available seats influences prices. Prices rise with high demand and limited supply.


  1. Flight Duration and Stopovers: Longer flights with more stopovers generally cost more. Direct flights from Dhaka to Kathmandu are pricier but quicker.


  1. Airline and Service Quality: Reputation, reliability, and comfort of the airline affect prices. Premium services come at a higher cost.

Dhaka to Nepal Air Ticket Price

Tips and tricks to save money on air ticket price from Dhaka to Nepal

Discovering the factors influencing airfare from Dhaka to Nepal prompts the question: How to cut costs on your flight? Here are tips to save:

  1. Book Early: Secure your flight ahead to dodge rising prices, with savings potential up to 20% about 3 months before.


  1. Compare Options: Scout different airlines and platforms for best deals, sidestepping hidden charges. Utilize tools like Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia. If you ask us which website offers the cheapest air tickets from Dhaka to Nepal, we suggest Iqra Holidays.


  1. Stay Flexible: Adapt your travel dates and times to exploit price fluctuations, steering clear of peak hours and seasons.


  1. Loyalty Rewards: Maximize benefits from loyalty programs and discounts for future flights or perks.


  1. Travel Light: Minimize extra fees by packing efficiently and opting for essential services only.


Why are Nepal flights so expensive?

Flights to Nepal cost a lot because of:

  • Fuel is pricey as Nepal buys it from India, making it 40% more costly than in India.
  • Airport fees at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport are high for landing, parking, and ground handling. It’s busy and prone to delays, hiking up airlines’ costs.
  • There aren’t many airlines flying from Dhaka to Kathmandu directly, like US-Bangla Airlines, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, and Himalaya Airlines. With less competition, they can charge more.
  • Nepal’s a hot spot for tourists, especially from October to March, when weather’s nice and there are many festivals. More demand than supply means higher prices.

How much does a 7 day trip to Nepal cost?

The price for a 7-day jaunt to Nepal varies depending on how you roll, your likes, and what you get up to. But on average, most folks shell out about $38 (BDT – 4200 Taka) each day, or $264 (BDT – 29000 Taka) for a whole week, just for one person. 

That covers your digs, grub, getting around, and checking out the sights. If you’re two peas in a pod, you’re looking at about $528 (BDT – 58000 Taka) for the week. 

But, don’t take these figures as gospel truth; you might score something cheaper or pricier depending on your fancy.

Is 3 days enough for Nepal?

In Nepal, you can see Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan National Park in three days. But for a deeper experience of Nepal’s diversity, culture, and nature, consider staying a week or longer. Nepal boasts various attractions and activities like trekking, wildlife, temples, festivals, and much more.


To sum up, going from Dhaka to Nepal can be a fun adventure if you score the best airfare. Many things influence Dhaka to Nepal ticket prices, like when you fly, how long the flight is, and which airline you choose. 

But fear not! There are ways to save cash, like booking early, checking out various airlines, being flexible with dates, using loyalty programs, and packing light. With these hacks, you can enjoy Nepal without breaking the bank.

Dhaka to Nepal Air Ticket Price


How much does a ticket from Dhaka to Nepal usually cost?

The average price for a round-trip ticket from Dhaka to Nepal is around $200 USD or 22000 taka, but it can change based on different factors.

Which airline offers the cheapest flights from Dhaka to Nepal?

US-Bangla Airlines provides the most affordable option with direct flights from Dhaka to Kathmandu starting at $150 USD or 16500 taka for a round-trip.

When is the ideal time to visit Nepal from Dhaka?

The best time to go to Nepal from Dhaka is typically during the winter months, from October to March. The weather is nice, dry, and you get clear mountain views.

What are the visa rules for traveling to Nepal from Dhaka?

Visa requirements for traveling from Dhaka to Nepal vary depending on nationality. Generally, Bangladeshi citizens can get a visa on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu or at land border crossings for fees ranging from $25 or 3000 taka to $100 USD or 11000 taka.


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